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Sugary soft drinks cause toxic fat?

I saw something today that made me so happy. It was something so incredible, I couldn’t believe I was seeing it. During my bike ride home from getting breakfast, I saw a plane with a banner. The banner said: “Sugary drinks can cause toxic fat”. And if you have been following Australia’s recent Live lighter campaign, you will know that toxic fat has been a big theme. And it seems now they are focusing specifically on sugary soft drinks. HALLELUJAH!

Personally, if I could change one thing in everyone’s diet, it would be removing sugary soft drinks and replacing it with water. It would completely change the world. People would start loosing weight, obesity levels would stop increasing so fast, and chronic disease rates would fall. I don’t thing sugary soft drinks are completely to blame for the obesity crisis, but I do think that if everyone could eliminate them from their diet, the world would be a healthier place.

I have been hearing the same message on the radio too-and I really hope its sinking in for people. We are HUMANS, and we are meant to eat FOOD, not things that are processed and barely resemble food.

Here are my five tips for cutting down on sugary drinks:

1. Swap to diet soft drinks. 

Ok I know they are terrible too, but its the (slightly) lesser of two evils.

2. Keep a water bottle with you at all times. 

If you always have a bottle full of fresh, cool filtered water, it’s much less likely you will get thirsty and turn to the sugary stuff.

3. Don’t buy sugary soft drinks or keep them in the house. 

Make it as hard as possible for you to fall back into old habits. The more accessible they are, the more like you are to grab a glass.

4. Swap to soda or mineral water with lemon or lime for a ‘fizzy fix’

If you still love the bubbly fresh feel or carbonated beverages, try soda water or mineral water mixed with fresh lemon or lime slices. You can even mix fresh juice with soda water for a bubbly fresh fruity juice. Plus you get all the added vitamins and minerals in the fresh juice. I love pineapple and cucumber!

5. If you need a ‘caffeine hit’ then try a cup of green tea or black coffee instead.

Just remember not to load it up with sugar!

For more info on sugary soft drinks, toxic fat and the live lighter campaign:

I would love to know if you drink sugary soft drinks, and what would it take for you to give them up?

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