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Sunday meal prepping

Every Sunday I meal prep. Basically I spend a few hours organizing and preparing my meals for the week, and I know if I do it, my meals are always healthier, yummier, and easier to prepare. It means that I can relax about my meals, because if I get home late, I know that there is a convenient, healthy, home cooked meal waiting for me. This can be a fantastic thing to do if you have kids, you can even get them to help decide what to make, and to help make it.

It also saves me money. By pre-planning what you are going to eat for the week, you only buy what you need, rather than just getting whatever, and being left with food at the end of the week, or wasting it.
Here is my weekly meal plan:
Here’s what I made:
  • Paleo Granola from:


  • Sweet potato falafels from:
  • Lentil curry from:
  • Raw walnut and zucchini crakers from:
  • Brown rice patties from:
  • Banana Bread from:
  • Cous cous tabouli from:
  • Raw coconut bounty bites
My own recipe-to be uploaded to the blog soon!
If you need help with your meal prep-I’m totally happy to help! Just email me at [email protected] I’m also hoping to start offering meal prepping courses/classes. Would anyone be interested? Or possibly more intimate one on one sessions so you can grasp the concept of meal prepping!
Britt xx

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