• Condiments,  Snacks

    Beetroot relish

    I’m in love with the earthy, rich flavour of beetroot, and nothing beats (see what I did there…) a tasty relish to go with crackers, cheese, veggie sticks, dukkah and sourdough bread for a rustic nibbles platter. This recipe is one inspired by a few other recipes online for relishes, but iv’e adapted it to be my own. Its also beautiful spread on a piece of crusty wholegrain toast in the morning with a nice cup of tea.   

  • Baking,  Treats

    Coffee choc beetroot cake with cashew coffee icing

    I’m in love with the combination of chocolate, coffee and beetroot, its such an unexpected trio, but when mixed together in a cake, produces a beautiful, sweet and healthy result! This recipe is in collaboration with Yahava Koffeeworks, and is made with their Kintamani coffee. I pre-cooked the beetroot, so have not included that in the prep time (I normally keep a few bags of par-cooked beetroot in the freezer for such occasions!). 

  • Snacks

    Rosemary baked beet chips

    I’m just in love with the rich, earthy flavour of beetroot. These crunchy little beet chips are perfect with homegrown rosemary and a dash of sea salt. I find these are a great summer afternoon snack, great with a cold ginger beer or cider. I’ll be serving these tomorrow for Australia day, and possibly with a chili garlic avocado dip. Make sure you check on the beet chips regularly because they are prone to burning. Ingredients: 2 medium beetroot, washed and dried 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary, roughly chopped Sea salt Olive oil spray Method: Line 2 flat trays with baking paper and leave aside. Heat oven to 180 degrees…