• Dinner

    Green pea risotto

    As we move into the warmer months, my body starts craving warm, nourishing foods, and risotto’s are just perfect for this occasion. The rich, creamy flavour is one that lingers on your tastebuds, plus you can add almost any veggie to it to create a new and exciting recipe. Try roast pumpkin and cranberry, beetroot and sundried tomato, or a simple mushroom and red wine. The options are endless, just replace the green peas in this recipe with whatever you choose!     

  • Drinks

    Pumpkin and Chicken Tagine with Cranberries

    This recipe was created last week when I was searching for something with pumpkin and chicken in it, as it was my last day before buying groceries, those were the last two inspiring ingredients I had. However all I could find was recipes fro pumpkin and chicken curry-not exactly what I was after. Then I found a recipe for a Tagine, iv’e never made a Tagine, nor did I know what they were. But after a bit of research I discovered that a Tagine is a “historically North African dish that is named after the type of earthenware pot in which it is cooked. Moroccan tajine dishes are slow-cooked savory stews, typically…

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    Rainbow quinoa tabouli

    This one was a quick throw together recipe from a BBQ I attended last Friday at the in-law’s place, I was asked to make a quinoa salad, and there were some suggestions for other ingredients, so this is what I cam up with! Ended up being a hit, full of colour and nutrients. Definitely one I will make again, plus if you don’t add the dressing straight away it keeps really well in the fridge, so is perfect for meal prepping at the begging of the week (you can see it featured in my meal prepping recipe ideas post here). 

  • Dinner

    Chickpea and coriander veggie burger

    I love summer, and I love creating new and exciting recipes to make on these hot evenings in Perth! I came up with this one a few months ago, and have been refining it ever since (recipe testing is so much fun because you get to taste ALL of your creations, lucky its usually pretty yummy!). I really enjoy substituting meat out of my meals some days, it feels lighter, its healthier, plus its helping the environment too. Maybe you could try this for meatless Monday? I serve this burger on a wholegrain bun with salad greens, tomato, cucumber and aoli, but you could also add mushrooms, onion, grilled halloumi, basil…

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    Pear, walnut and beetroot salad

    Beetroot has to be one of my all time favourite root vegetables, it has a rich, earthy flavour, and is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also makes a killer salad when roasted, alas i’ve come up with this hearty pear, walnut and beetroot salad, which is a great year round salad. It makes a great addition to any summer BBQ, or a simple, fresh and hearty side salad during the winter months. I like to make this on a Sunday and take it for lunch on weekdays. I always look forward to lunch whenever I bring it. You could also add feta cheese if you wanted some cheese,…

  • Dinner

    Babi guling: A Balinese recipe and holiday recap

    Iv’e just arrived back from a 5 day holiday in Seminyak, Bali, and boy was it just what I needed! There was food, exploring, relaxing, massages, time with my man, more food, cocktails, monkeys, culture and jungle rain. The Indonesian food is just incredible, it’s spicy, full of flavour and exciting! Just to name a few dishes I experienced; Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado, Mi Goreng, Nasi Campur and Babi Guling. Of all of them the Babi Guling we tried from a tiny shop on the side of the road, was by far the best. The small Indonesian woman behind the counter filled up bags made from simple brown paper with rice,…