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Be at PEACE with your food


So often, I get asked…Should I eat this? What about this? I heard _____ is bad for me. It makes me terribly sad to hear people demonising particular foods. Then there are all the fad diets that get you to cut out various groups of food, creating more fear behind what we are eating. If you listen to everything you hear online and in the media about food, there is almost nothing that we “should” be eating. There is alway something bad about every food. For example, lettuce, seems pretty standard-what can be wrong with lettuce? And cue the arguments about GMO’s, organic, pesticides….what do we think about lettuce now? Do we believe everything we have heard, and stop eating lettuce for good? 

My thoughts on the matter, is that we need to stop listening to random uninformed advice and pictures we see online, especially on social media. How do you know they are true? Fear sells. And fear gets noticed. 

So what to do about it? Unfollow those crazy misinformed diet pages, get rid of the negativity around food on social media. Only follow pages that have scientific and well researched information, and those that make you feel good about yourself and what you eat. Ask yourself: where did this person get their information from? Does it sound sensible? Are they telling you that you need to cut out or get rid of things out your diet? What qualifications do they have? 

How to be at PEACE with your food:

  1. Get rid of negative, misinformed pages on social media: especially watch out for unqualified individuals
  2. Eat what nourishes your body: You are literally made up of the food you eat, so choose it wisely
  3. There is no food that is inherently “bad” so stop using the terms “good” and “bad” to describe your food
  4. Get mindful peeps! Really THINK about what you are eating. Take the time to actually enjoy it rather than stuffing it in without a thought
  5. Take the time to learn about the food you eat, colours=more nutrients, fresh, whole foods are going to nourish your body better than those in packages
  6. Realise that every food has a place in a healthy diet, so YES cake is fine (but not everyday !), and those chips are ok too (Shock horror a Nutritionist said the chips are ok!!!). Just make sure you are nourishing your body too!

So there we go, a few Sunday musings for you, and forget starting that diet tomorrow, just eat real food!


Oh f**k…..I binged! A guide on how to come back from a binge



Picture this: You are staying in on a Friday night, you have had a stressful week at work and you are pretty keen to just lounge on the couch watching some bad TV. However it’s late and you’re hungry, dinner seems like a huge effort. So while you are hungry, you decide its a great idea to pop down to the supermarket and buy some snacks instead….

Oh f**k….I binged. This was me on Friday night. And I don’t regret it.

You end up buying a loaf of bread, some dukkah, a whole bag of Lindt Sea salt and Caramel balls, a wheel of Camembert, some aged cheddar and you top it off with a bottle of wine. Then you get home, lay out this gorgeous feast, pour yourself a big glass of the wine, and crash on the couch. 3 hours later you realize you have consumed all the food, and finished the bottle of wine. And of course, you feel atrocious. You feel bloated due to all the bread, fuzzy due to the wine, and your stomach feels icky due the huge amount of fat from the cheese and olive oil. Oh fuck….I binged. This was me on Friday night. And I don’t regret it.

Why? I’m a Nutritionist (well almost) and so I eat healthy about 80% of the time. So that means I let myself have treats etc. But for some reason Friday night just…happened. As someone who has had a history of disordered eating, and body image issues, binging used to be the epitome of my issues. And back then (when i was about 16) my binges used to overpower me. For days I would feel guilty, starve myself, and exercise for hours, only to continue the cycle. But now, I just accepted that it happened, and move on.

So Saturday morning I woke up with a food hangover. I felt like crap, and honestly, I wish I had a real hangover. So what did I do? I picked myself up, grabbed a big glass of lemon water and took my dog for a walk. It helped. A lot. So from that, here is my list of things to do when you have binged:


1. Drink lemon water:

It’s going to help get your stomach moving and get your digestion happening. Its also going to make you feel refreshed and hopefully a little lighter. 

2. Get up and exercise

(I know you really don’t want to but it helps you re-start your metabolism and gets things moving)

3. Have a light breakfast:

This may be the very last thing to do, to keep eating, but by eating a light brekkie (think a small bowl of gluten free muesli with yoghurt and berries), you help re-start your metabolism and stabilize your blood sugar. 

4. Have something with ginger:

Try ginger tea, or use it throughout the day in your food. Ginger is great to help with digestion, and considering you will be doing a lot of digestion, its a great idea to give it any help it can get!

5. Don’t starve yourself:

Just because you binged once, doesn’t mean you need to starve yourself. One binge doesn’t mean you are a failure etc. Just forgive yourself and forget, move on with your life without the negative emotion associated with the binge. It’s ok. It happened, now get over it. 

6. Do some yoga:

A light exercise like yoga will help soothe that sore stomach and get some blood flow happening. Its also going to help your blood sugar return to normal, and will help you to use some of that extra energy. 

7. Water. Water. Water:

Drink lots of it today, your body will need it to assist with the extra digestion. 

8. Going forward be mindful of what you are eating:

When you are eating and why you are eating. Does watching TV increase your likelihood of grabbing the snack food? Do you eat when you are emotional? How does the food make you feel? It’s important to figure out what your food triggers are and how you can minimize the likelihood of binges occurring. Its a long term change that you will have to make. 


*If you need help with an eating disorder, call The Butterfly Foundation: 
1800 ED HOPE / 1800 33 4673
Email: [email protected]
Don’t try and deal with an eating disorder alone, there are so many incredible people out there who can support you. 

**Image above from www.lorensworld.com