So often, I get asked…Should I eat this? What about this? I heard _____ is bad for me. It makes me terribly sad to hear people demonising particular foods. Then there are all the fad diets that get you to cut out various groups of food, creating more fear behind what we are eating. If you listen to everything you hear online and in the media about food, there is almost nothing that we “should” be eating. There is alway something bad about every food. For example, lettuce, seems pretty standard-what can be wrong with lettuce? And cue the arguments about GMO’s, organic, pesticides….what do we think about lettuce now? Do we believe everything we have heard, and stop eating lettuce for good? 

My thoughts on the matter, is that we need to stop listening to random uninformed advice and pictures we see online, especially on social media. How do you know they are true? Fear sells. And fear gets noticed. 

So what to do about it? Unfollow those crazy misinformed diet pages, get rid of the negativity around food on social media. Only follow pages that have scientific and well researched information, and those that make you feel good about yourself and what you eat. Ask yourself: where did this person get their information from? Does it sound sensible? Are they telling you that you need to cut out or get rid of things out your diet? What qualifications do they have? 

How to be at PEACE with your food:

  1. Get rid of negative, misinformed pages on social media: especially watch out for unqualified individuals
  2. Eat what nourishes your body: You are literally made up of the food you eat, so choose it wisely
  3. There is no food that is inherently “bad” so stop using the terms “good” and “bad” to describe your food
  4. Get mindful peeps! Really THINK about what you are eating. Take the time to actually enjoy it rather than stuffing it in without a thought
  5. Take the time to learn about the food you eat, colours=more nutrients, fresh, whole foods are going to nourish your body better than those in packages
  6. Realise that every food has a place in a healthy diet, so YES cake is fine (but not everyday !), and those chips are ok too (Shock horror a Nutritionist said the chips are ok!!!). Just make sure you are nourishing your body too!

So there we go, a few Sunday musings for you, and forget starting that diet tomorrow, just eat real food!