It’s an overwhelming task to reduce what we use, own and consume. One of my big simple living goals is to reduce my waste to minimal levels. I’m not sure ill ever get down to zero waste (although I highly commend those who take the notion to heart), there simply will always be some waste being a carbon based organism living on a carbon based planet. And living in itself will always create waste products. But I do believe we have a moral requirement to actively choose to consume and waste less.

We live in a society where everything down to the last straw are disposable. Technology changes daily, and the media and big corporations tell us what we should buy based on what is popular and what celebrities are buying. Luckily, I think that being environmentally friendly is actually gaining popularity-it goes hand in hand with the health craze happening right now (I will not voice my opinion on that here-although the Nutritionist in me is begging to let loose on the health industry).

This post is simply a list of the things in which I believe I can change in my daily life to live with less, waste less and live a more fulfilled life. I have already been doing some things for almost 10 years-I’ve been into looking after the enviro for quite awhile.

  • Swap plastic one-use bags for re-usable tote bags DONE
  • Swap disposable coffee cup use for re-usable coffee cups DONE (Although I need to make sure I remember to bring it with me!)
  • Swap plastic straws for re-usable metal ones DONE
  • Reduce kitchen waste by meal planning and prepping DONE
  • Buy less new items, and instead shop regularly at op shops DONE
  • Swap a plastic disposable drink bottle for a re-usable stainless steel one DONE
  • Start buying from bulk stores and bring in own containers IN PROCESS
  • Swap disposable plastic produce bags for re-usable mesh baggies IN PROCESS
  • Swap plastic wrap for re-usable beeswax wraps IN PROCESS
  • Start a compost bin to reduce food waste IN PROCESS
  • Make homemade cleaning products to reduce plastic waste IN PROCESS
  • Swap store bought beauty products for homemade beauty products IN PROCESS
  • Recycle all plastic and cardboard as necessary DONE
  • Stop using wrapping paper, use newspaper, brown paper or teatowels instead IN  PROCESS
  • Swap paper towels for microfibre cloths IN PROCESS
  • Create a capsule wardrobe of 50 items PLANNED
  • Swap disposable razor for safety blade PLANNED
  • Switch to soap and shampoo bars to reduce plastic waste PLANNED
  • Create a zero waste shopping kit PLANNED
  • Share books,clothes and other items with friends PLANNED
  • Grow plants from kitchen scraps IN PROCESS
  • Make my own: kombucha, bread, cheese, butter, kefir, sauerkraut, almond milk, ginger beer IN PROCESS
  • Grow more food at home IN PROCESS
  • Raise chickens and maybe a goat FUTURE 
  • Decline receipts at every opportunity IN PROCESS
  • Walk, cycle or catch public transport as often as possible IN PROCESS

I’m sure that there will be more items to add to this list as I discover and research the world of simpler living.