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    Vegetarian and Vegan diets

      It’s so fantastic that so many people are adopting a more plant-based style of eating, and some even go the extra mile to announce that they are fully vegetarian or vegan. I 100% applaud anyone who decided to stop eating meat or animal products, there are a bunch of great benefits not only for health, but for the environment as well. There are so many reasons that one decides to go full-vego, and whatever that reason is, is all good. Making a commitment to a way of eating and for some a lifestyle shows a huge amount of respect, dedication and personal value. However, many people who go vego don’t…

  • Dinner

    Green pea risotto

    As we move into the warmer months, my body starts craving warm, nourishing foods, and risotto’s are just perfect for this occasion. The rich, creamy flavour is one that lingers on your tastebuds, plus you can add almost any veggie to it to create a new and exciting recipe. Try roast pumpkin and cranberry, beetroot and sundried tomato, or a simple mushroom and red wine. The options are endless, just replace the green peas in this recipe with whatever you choose!     

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    Beetroot relish

    I’m in love with the earthy, rich flavour of beetroot, and nothing beats (see what I did there…) a tasty relish to go with crackers, cheese, veggie sticks, dukkah and sourdough bread for a rustic nibbles platter. This recipe is one inspired by a few other recipes online for relishes, but iv’e adapted it to be my own. Its also beautiful spread on a piece of crusty wholegrain toast in the morning with a nice cup of tea.   

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    Banana, cacao and coffee smoothie

    Need a quick way to get your coffee and brekkie in? Well here is the answer! The banana, cacao and coffee smoothier is full of nutrients, easy to whip up when you are in a rush, and will give you that energy boost you need until you have time for a proper meal. The banana give you a tonne of fibre and vitamins, the cacao and coffee is full of antioxidants, the chia seeds give you healthy fats, and the vanilla essence is there simply for flavour. Of course, I always advocate having a full brekkie, with slow release carbs, protein and healthy fats (Think veggies with poached eggs), but…

  • Treats

    Raw salted caramel latte slice

    Oh. My. God. This slice is just so heavenly! You have got to try it, honestly, I think this is the best thing I have ever made. In collaboration with Yahava Coffee, i’ve come up with a few coffee inspired recipes, which my raw salted caramel latte is the first. Its full of nuts, dates, coconut, coffee and cacao, so if full of healthy fats, antioxidants and a little bit of sweetness. This is a great one to have in the freezer for when you get the afternoon sweet tooth, or is perfect for a little nibble after dinner. Just remember not to eat the whole thing at once because…

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    Rainbow quinoa tabouli

    This one was a quick throw together recipe from a BBQ I attended last Friday at the in-law’s place, I was asked to make a quinoa salad, and there were some suggestions for other ingredients, so this is what I cam up with! Ended up being a hit, full of colour and nutrients. Definitely one I will make again, plus if you don’t add the dressing straight away it keeps really well in the fridge, so is perfect for meal prepping at the begging of the week (you can see it featured in my meal prepping recipe ideas post here). 

  • Treats

    Raw cookie dough bites

    This recipe is a simple, quick and tasty one, which was inspired by my good friend Tam when we were talking about the “Raw cakes” I posted on instagram a few days ago. It inspired me to create something that was reminiscent of eating raw cake batter or nibbling on some of the raw cookie dough. Therefore: Raw cookie dough bits! Literally 5 ingredients and they take 5 minutes. 

  • Dinner,  Lunch,  Salads

    Pear, walnut and beetroot salad

    Beetroot has to be one of my all time favourite root vegetables, it has a rich, earthy flavour, and is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also makes a killer salad when roasted, alas i’ve come up with this hearty pear, walnut and beetroot salad, which is a great year round salad. It makes a great addition to any summer BBQ, or a simple, fresh and hearty side salad during the winter months. I like to make this on a Sunday and take it for lunch on weekdays. I always look forward to lunch whenever I bring it. You could also add feta cheese if you wanted some cheese,…

  • Snacks

    Spicy roast pumpkin dip

    If you have been following my Facebook page you will know tomorrow i’m heading to Lorna Jane Floreat to join in their Wellness morning, alongside Dr Xanthe Hand from Floreat Chiropractic (My new workplace), to showcase Nutrilly Nutrition, and to educate the Floreat community about eating good food will nourish your body, and give you a healthy and happy life! I will be giving out some healthy snacks on the day, and i’ve developed 3 new recipes to share! Firstly, this spicy roast pumpkin dip is full of vitamin A rich pumpkin, antioxidant filled chili, and hearty chickpeas. Its a great one to take along to a picnic, BBQ, or…

  • Snacks

    Rosemary baked beet chips

    I’m just in love with the rich, earthy flavour of beetroot. These crunchy little beet chips are perfect with homegrown rosemary and a dash of sea salt. I find these are a great summer afternoon snack, great with a cold ginger beer or cider. I’ll be serving these tomorrow for Australia day, and possibly with a chili garlic avocado dip. Make sure you check on the beet chips regularly because they are prone to burning. Ingredients: 2 medium beetroot, washed and dried 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary, roughly chopped Sea salt Olive oil spray Method: Line 2 flat trays with baking paper and leave aside. Heat oven to 180 degrees…