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Take a day just for you (I give you total permission!)

Today, take a day that is dedicated to you. The other day I was feeling run down, exhausted and lacking that spark I normally have. I was so busy. And in those times of absolute business and stress, its the perfect time to shut off the technology, take a wellness day from work, and bunker down with a good book, tea, candles, yoga, and simply allowing yourself to be. 
Give yourself that permission to look after yourself. Appreciate that you are wonderfully human, and its ok to take a day away from work, family, uni, friends, kids and be alone with your soul. It s magical thing to empower yourself with that kind of love. To be able to put yourself first for once, and not have to make excuses. All you have to say, is that you simply need a day for you. 

Step one: Give yourself permission
Decide that today will be for you. Not running errands, not for catching up on washing, or study. Not for replying to emails, or doing shopping. Today is simply for you to enjoy your own company, and allowing yourself to relax and rejuvenate from the stress of everyday life. 

Step two: Find the time.
If this involves calling in a favour, finding a babysitter, getting a health day from work, whatever you need to do, make it a priority and stick to it. Even a half day, or a few hours. The times that are the most stressful, is when we need to support ourselves most. 

Step three: Choose your favourite 3 activities
You have the time to do what makes you happiest. Most of the time, we aren’t able to do these things everyday, we make excuses, but these pieces of our lives are part of who we are. Grab that book, bake some cookies, take a bath, get a facial, take a long walk, nap. Whatever they are, make a list, and get them all done! You deserve it lovely <3

Step four: Relax!
You have got the time, you are doing awesome, fun, happy thing, now just enjoy yourself and relax! There is no point in stressing about things that don’t matter right now. Be present with yourself, and enjoy the moment. 
Lovelies, here is a list of things that you might want to include as part of your “me day”, you don’t need to pack everything in, you don’t even need to do anything, but remember to do things that you love, and that will fill your soul with happiness!


Affirmation of the day: I no longer worry about the opinion of others
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