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The 8 week Health challenge

Ok, so Monday is the day I start the 8 week health and wellness challenge from Karrinyup Wellness Centre. Basically it involves a bit of a lifestyle upheaval and rebooting my health. For 8 weeks I will be going PALEO! Which is not a huge step for me, as i’m already halfway there, but i’m looking forward to trying to live a lifestyle that so many people rave above.

Some of the reasons i’m keen on trying paleo, is the type of foods eaten are whole foods, good quality foods, and nutrient dense foods. This excludes processed and refined foods, Grains and Dairy. For me, dairy is the biggest loss (I love my morning coffee), and a bit of dark chocolate, however I am totally willing to give it a go! So basically the allow foods are:

  • Any veggies (Except corn, and limited white potato)
  • Local, seasonal fruit
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Olive oil and coconut oil
  • Grass fed, free range lean protein
And to be honest, I’m pretty sure you can fulfill your recommended daily intakes by eating these foods. However, being the skeptic that I am, I will be monitoring my diet using monitoring software, just to check that I am getting everything I need.
The other parts to the challenge include:
  • Consuming enough water daily (about 2.7 L for me)
  • Getting enough sleep (About 8 hours per night)
  • Exercising (I will be aiming for 5 times a week-as I currently exercise around 3 times a week)
  • No alcohol (Not an issue for me as I don’t drink anyway)
  • Looking after my emotional stress (I will be using Yoga, meditation, journal writing, and Chiro to help me here)
I am really looking forward to trying this out, iv’e heard so much about it, and i’m all for trying everything! I will be using a log book to monitor my progress, but I will also post a quick update every few days to see how i’m going. I am looking to loose some weight, so hopefully I get that outcome, but mostly I am doing it to be healthier, Have more energy, and gain muscle.
We have a weigh and measure session on Sunday, which I am helping with (I finally get to use some of my Uni skills in the real world!). And i’ll also do all my shopping and meal prep on Sunday (Which will include a few recipes posts).
I will also be posting a whole bunch of recipes, menu suggestions and tips and tricks that i’m learning for getting on board with the paleo lifestyle! I look forward to having a whole bunch of stuff to blog about, and for anyone else that is interested in trying out paleo.
Britt xx

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