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The body love segments #3: Samantha


Sam has been in my life for quite awhile now, i’m not even sure how long we have know each other! We did girl guides together for years and years, which meant camping on the weekends and learning about knots and how to build fires-not something your average 11 year old knows how to do! Sam is such an inspiration and she is mum to a gorgeous little boy! I love her story of truth and honesty, it brings me to tears/laughter/joy every time I read it. I love how brutally honest she is, and how she says what we are all thinking. Enjoy her amazing body love segment below!

“As a teenager, I was really self conscience. I always worried about how I looked, what I wore, what I said and who saw me. I hated my body. I hid it away. I tried to diet and work out but it was fleeting. I just didn’t have the will power. My body wasn’t perfect and didn’t look like what I saw on TV, and in the magazines and when I looked at my friends. I looked in the mirror and only saw what was wrong. I look back today and see a hot bod that I really should have appreciated more. I look at pictures of myself them and I am surprised that I didn’t think I was good looking. Damn – I used to be hot.


And then I got pregnant at 21. My body changed. It grew round, it had these furious, angry stretch marks. They raced all over my belly and hips. Things didn’t get better after the baby came either. My boobs got bigger. They pulled on the skin on my shoulders. They got stretch marks. By the way, breastfeeding is NOT working out. No matter what any one says, breastfeeding alone will never get your body back to the way it was. I neglected my body – the first weeks as a new mum were a hazy blur. (Who am I kidding? The next year was a hazy blur). But somewhere in that hazy blur my perception of my body changed. Damn – This body grew a baby….. What?! I grew a tiny human inside myself, and then I bore though over 24 hours of pain to give that tiny itty bitty human life. Life. I was mother nature. Pain that you don’t even know existed. I remember screaming out to the nurse “Kill Me Now!”. My body – It handled that. If that wasn’t enough – my body made milk and sustained this itty bitty human outside of the womb. WHAT THE FUCK. My body is AMAZING.

2 years down the track , i’m looking through a scrapbook of my sons time at Playcentre. And there is a picture of me – i’m huge. Its side on. My son is sitting on my belly fat. I’m wearing baggy pants, and my 3 tier rolls are supporting my kid. My body is still amazing, but its pretty huge. My partner and I make a conscience decision to make changes in our lives. I had been slightly unhappy with the way I looked and felt. Looking at that photo was a huge kickstart. We had both been toying with idea to live a healthier lifestyle on and off for a while. We sat down and talked about it, and decided to support each other. We haven’t made any drastic changes, but I fully support him going to the gym to do lifting daily. He in turn supports me to get out and do a 3KM uphill/downhill run. We don’t eat out as much, we don’t drink as much soft drink. Today I made a Kale and Corn Quince. We made these changes really slowly and one at a time – over a period of months. I even managed to score a $15 elipitacial machine.

I love my body – my body is amazing. I’m so proud of what my body has done – and what it looks like after all its been through. If I have the power to push a baby out, I have the power to run up just a little bit further.

I love my body – my body is amazing. I’m so proud of what my body has done – and what it looks like after all its been through. If I have the power to push a baby out, I have the power to run up just a little bit further. If I survive on 5 hours of broken sleep, I can survive 5 more squats. I love to wear a bikini at the pool (something I would never have done even as a teenager, and SO WHAT if people stare. If I can say it again please, I LOVE MY BODY! No thigh gap, still got a muffin top, still have heaps of stretch marks and scars (I’ve been treating them with Bio-oil on a daily basis and they seem to have faded alot, but my skin is still saggy) – still way bigger than I was before my pregnancy. I hope people look at me, and think – wow, she looks great because shes confident. Maybe I could be that confident in myself too. We’ve only really been doing this for 3 months, and the change is drastic – I just feel better about myself. I’m confident. I stand up straight. I have a better relationship with my partner. I’m a better mum. I can give more at Playcentre, play rougher with my boy, and finish my uni study because I have the energy to do all of these things”.





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