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Travelling healthy


So I’m currently at Melbourne airport, on my way to Wellington from Perth. Now as a food and nutrition blogger I feel compelled to say something about the quality of food when travelling. I feel like my only option is some form of bread and coffee. I took the liberty of packing a few snacks, and I’m lucky I did! I packed:

Raw almonds
A mint luvju bar from living earth
Pukka tea
Green is good smoothie packs from the green smoothie co
A lemon macadamia superfood bar from simply raw
But I decided to try the plane food. Big mistake. I chose the vegetarian stir fry, which shouldn’t be allowed to have the word vegetables in the name. The vegetables that were in there were a poor excuse for vegetables, they were limp and soggy and had no flavour. I was also served some bland Hokkaido noodles. Fail Virgin Australia. I was also served a stale bread roll, and some sugar filled chocolate mousse.
Pity I didn’t get a photo, but it was a total disaster.
I thought my luck might change at Melbourne airport, finding a very cute cafe called cafe vue. I decided on a vegetable panini and a coffee. Greta job on the coffee, another fail on the food. The panini had soggy greens, some limp capsicum, and feta. The panini itself was wet and spongy.
Hopefully I have more luck on the air New Zealand flight 🙂 I’ll keep you all posted!

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