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Veggie’s for breakfast? (Nope its not weird)

A few weeks ago I was talking to someone about what they had for breakfast, the answer was……crumpets! After delving deeper into her diet, I was astonished to find that the rest of her diet was like this too: Toast and jam for lunch, a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. And of course, she asked me “what do you have for breakfast then?” My answer was: “veggies!”. She thought I was kind of weird for having veggies for breakfast. But honestly, we are meant to have at least 6 serves of veggies a day, and for me, its a great way to pack the veggies in! 
I love big veggie hash’s (big random fry-ups of veggies), breakfast salad’s and veggies juices. So I’ve picked out a few awesome recipes for you to try if you don’t already have lots of veggies in your diet. Even if you start simple: Have a poached egg with grilled tomato and mushroom. 

1. Vegetable hash with poached egg

5. Zucchini and asparagus strata

6. Kale and eggs

My question is: Do you have veggies for breakfast, and if so do you get criticised for it? 
I would love to ready your comments below!
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