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Volunteering in Nepal: Undernourished kids

As you guys are probably aware (as I talk about it all the time) i’m nearing the end of my Nutrition degree. And from everything I have been able to learn, I want to apply my skills in a much more practical way. I would also like to give back to the community. So with all that I have decided to take the leap and volunteer in Nepal for a month in January. 
There is a real need for assistance at the many children’s homes, day care centres, early learning classes and centres for children with special needs in Nepal. The centres that Projects Abroad work with often suffer from a chronic lack of resources.

I will be volunteering with the Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre, which was set up to provide a stable and nurturing environment for impoverished children suffering from varying degrees of malnutrition. This will be a great way for me to give back some of the skills and knowledge I have learnt through my degree, and make a difference to the lives of these kids.

However travelling to Nepal is a little costly, as well as the project running costs. So over the next 6 months I will be working my butt off to fundraise for this project.The funds raised through myself, will not only be paying for my expenses during the volunteering, it also includes the project operation and administration costs, awareness and communication, implementation and monitoring of projects, volunteer support from start to finish. Any extra money that I fundraise will go straight to the Nepal Youth Foundation, which runs the Nutrition Rehabilitation centre.

The company I will be doing the project through is called Projects abroad, which is an entirely independent company that does not receive funding from governments, religious bodies, political parties, development organisations or other external sources.
So with all that, one of the ways I am fundraising is through Entertainment book. They are a great company that exclusively sell their books through community organisations for fundraisers. This year they have launched their brand new digital membership, which is really exciting as my excuse for not using the book last year was that I never had the vouchers with me. I’m really looking forward to using the restaurant vouchers to try out a bunch of new places!

You can support me, and undernourished children in Nepal by purchasing your 2014/15 copy of the Entertainment book here.

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