Zero waste living


For the past year iv’e been working on reducing the waste I create and the “stuff” I own. Iv’e been trying to re-use items as much as possible, and take good care of the wonderful items I do own. It’s a journey for sure, and quite a long one. It takes time to change habits (Not just health habits!) but my philosophy is that if you keep trying everyday, and just changing little things at a time, then eventually you find yourself just automatically doing the things you were trying to make habits. 

Zero-waste living and minimalism go hand in hand. Zero-waste is about reducing your waste as much as possible to lessen the impact on the environment. Minimalism on the other hand is about simplifying the stuff you own. Less stuff gives you the mental space to be able to pursue the important stuff, and have more powerful relationships. 

I’m going to have a place for zero waste living and minimalism on Nutrilly Nutrition, both are passions of mine, and both go rather well with Nutrition. Its all about living consciously with intention, and creating a life for you and your family that is filled with passion and purpose. I’m not perfect, and I din’t think anyone should even try to be perfect, but I do attempt to make my time on this planet as impactful as possible and reducing my footprint is one way I try to make a difference. 

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